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Registering with More To Life

You can find all you need to know about More To Life on this website. You can additionally sign up for our newsletter, where you will be informed every time we list a new property. If you would like to register as an investor, you should contact More To Life, and our representative will take you through the process.

We will collect your ID and check that you have not previously been deregistered on our platform. We will then provide you with the Registration Terms & Conditions.

Finding a Property

You can browse through our listings page to identify properties that are interesting to you. You should verify that the asking price is acceptable to you (we provide some indicative data points to help, but we do not represent these as the value of the property, as that can only come from a registered valuer). You can then use the calculator (available upon request) to estimate your ROI. Once you are interested, you can request a call back on the listing details page to get the ball rolling.


You will make an appointment with a representative from the seller’s estate agency (who will arrange a suitable time with the homeowner). The representative will be present when you do your inspection.


It is optional for you to conduct a valuation of the property.


There will be an opportunity to negotiate the price at this point. These negotiations will be handled by a estate agency, who is the agent of the seller.

Agreements, Conveyancing and Payment

Once you have agreed on the price, the agent will prepare the offer letter and it will be signed by both parties.

The property will deemed sold, and taken off our listing page.

Then it will go to the lawyers of both parties for the final agreements to be drafted and signed.

Throughout the conveyancing process, you will be expected to make your payments in a timely manner, and at the end of the process, you will be presented with the documents that reflect your ownership of the property.