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A home reversion is a simple and secure way to unlock the cash tied up in your home. That means you can enjoy living in the house that you love, with the financial security to support you through retirement.

A home reversion works by linking up you, the homeowner, with a property investor. These investors will offer a lump sum payment for your home, typically 40-60% of the total value, supported by the guarantee of continued residency for you. That means while ownership of your home is transferred to the investor, your right to reside rent free and lump sum payment secure a comfortable future for you and your loved ones.

This type of equity release is common around the world, with over GBP4 billion of value released in the UK alone in 2018. More to Life is bringing this unique solution to the Malaysian market, providing the experience and support to help you unlock the cash value tied up in your home.

How do you decide on the value of my home?

Just like any property purchase, home reversion with More to Life is based on a process of offer and acceptance. The starting point is the asking price raised by you as the seller. A calculation is then carried out to take into account your unique circumstances, and an offer made for you to agree or reject.

The reason this offer will be made at around 40-60% of the value of your home is down to the unique nature of the agreement. The investor must agree to a lifetime residency guarantee, meaning you have the continued right to stay in the home rent free, just as you did before. The home ownership then transfers to the investor upon your death, or at the point where you decide to permanently vacate the home.

Why should I release the cash?

We all want to enjoy a comfortable retirement with the people that we love. That means having the financial security to live the life you want.

The financial resources available to many Malaysians fall short of covering the essential costs of retirement. Home reversion offers a solution which unlocks the cash tied up in your greatest financial asset – your home. That means whether it’s providing financial support to your children, buying important medicines, or even upgrading your kitchen, you’ve got the funds to spend as you want.

How does my life change?

Life after a home reversion continues just like before. More to Life undertake all necessary correspondence with the investor, leaving you to enjoy a life as quiet or loud as you want it. You’re still responsible for the bills you regularly pay on your property. You continue to maintain your property with the love and attention as before.

Home reversion equity release does come with some small restrictions. You’re not allowed to rent out part of the property or share it with anyone else, although an agreement can be put in place to allow other family members aside from your spouse to live within the property.

Once a year More to Life will contact you to ensure you’re getting on ok, and check up on the general condition of the property. If you have any concerns or questions, you can always contact our experienced team who will be glad to help.

What else changes? You gain the financial security to enjoy the retirement you deserve. It’s that simple.