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The following criteria entitle you to participate in a home reversion with us:

  • Age 65 or above (if you have a spouse, both of you must be above 65)
  • Own a landed house that you live in in the Klang Valley
  • Want to continue on in your home/neighbourhood for the rest of your life.


The cash sum you receive depends upon your age(s), whether the application is on a single or joint basis, and the current open market value of the property.

The reason you do not receive full market value in cash is that you are granted a lease for life, which enables you to live in the property rent free for as long as you wish. The lifetime lease has a considerable value if you were to consider what you would pay to rent a similar property for the rest of your life.

Note, for simplicity and objectivity, More To Life uses general mortality tables in Malaysia, which differ by age and sex only. This means that you will receive the same amount of money as a healthy person of your age and sex even if you feel that there is some health or other reason why your life expectancy is severely impaired; you should consider this before entering into a plan.

For an indication of how much you can release please use the Calculator below. You may estimate your property’s market value by viewing recent transactions in your neighbourhood on Brickz’s website.

Retirement Plan Form