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At More to Life our goal is to support you in retirement by unlocking the cash tied up in your property. We help deliver financial peace of mind through simple, secure release of the cash value of your home, while guaranteeing your right to live rent-free in the home that you love.

What is a Home Reversion definition

What is Home Reversion?

Home reversion is a simple, safe, and secure way to unlock the cash tied up in your home. That means you can enjoy living in the house that you love, with the financial security to support you through retirement.

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Step-by-step Guide

Choosing to complete a home reversion is a big decision. At More to Life we understand how difficult that question of retirement planning can be. Our expert team will guide you through any and all questions you might have about home reversion. We want you to make the right decision for your retirement, so we work closely with you at every stage of the journey.

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Questions and Answers

Got questions about home reversion or More to Life and looking for some answers? Our Q&A page provides simple answers to the common questions we’re asked. If there’s anything more you want to ask, just get in touch.

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